Victory Dance is a big fish in a small pond. The alternative pop powerhouse is known for turning unsuspecting heads, playing stadium-shaking anthems on club tours. The collaboration of diverse musical backgrounds unifies into a vision for sonically huge, radio-friendly hooks.

Frontman and vocalist Kenny Collette is 3 voices in one, delivering engaging and honest lyrics in the vein of Anthony Green, then branching out to Timberlake falsetto and the occasional but emotive Bennington guttural scream. After separately succeeding in projects that saw everything from major label deals with Universal Republic Records, to sharing the stage with acts like The Roots, and grinding through legs of Warped Tour, the five stumbled home to New Jersey, linked up and started Victory Dance from scratch, homegrown.

Lead single "Memphis" is a bluesy underdog fight anthem with huge riffs and massive hooks. But the band's live show is what truly sets them apart from the crowd.

Some Linkin Park fans say Victory Dance music is our answer to help mend the broken hearts...